An opportunity to gain new insights & perspectives

"At the edge between the known and the unknown there is a fertile place, full of possibility. Playing at the end can lead us to experience fresh new learning, creativity, joy and wonder"

Steven D'Souza and Diana Renner

Creative techniques are a wonderful way of exploring ourselves, our thoughts and our patterns. Enabling us to look more deeply and more intuitively into what has shaped our lives and what is getting in our way. 

When we are truly ‘lost for words’ using creative techniques to express what we mean provides a unique opportunity to make new associations, gain new perspectives and delve deeper into the heart of the matter. 

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Trio of Workshops

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Pick&Mix Workshop


Exploring Boundaries and Intuition


Who are the Workshops for? 

These workshops are suitable for:


  • Individuals wanting to know more about themselves - what makes you tick,  what your beliefs and values are, where they came from and explore if they are still serving you well. 

  • Coaches, Counsellors or Therapists undergoing their training or fully qualified, who are wishing to explore how creative techniques unlock a deeper conversation with their clients.

  • Mindfulness, Yoga, Pilates and teachers in other affiliated fields who are engaged with developing the whole person.

Don't worry, you don't have to be 'creative' to get the benefit from these workshops!

It's about using alternative ways, other than the spoken word, to express what's going on for you - using colour, shapes, writing and other inspiration including the natural world to explore your thoughts and challenges and find a deeper understanding about yourself.


For those of us in the coaching, counselling and therapy profession, creative techniques are a welcome addition to our tool-kit and one that Dr Pat Williams, co-founder of the ICF Core Competencies, calls an advanced skill, because, as he puts it,  "it helps clients to get to the unconscious part without words getting in the way." 

By experiencing each exercise, you will come to understand how the tools and techniques work and how powerful they can be in providing you, or your clients, with an opportunity to find new perspectives and gain new insights that help create a positive shift.

Developing yourself or your clients using Creative Techniques 

We’ll be exploring imagery, metaphor, story-telling and kinaesthetic approaches that provide an extra opportunity for you to develop yourself and help clients make new associations, gain fresh perspectives and delve deeper into the heart of the matter.

Storytelling & Metaphor

How do stories from our childhood inform our current lives? Learn how to draw on and use that ancient wisdom and discover other methaphors 

What have you not yet seen?

How we connect with an image or an item tells us many things about how we connect to the world. Explore a variety of ways of offering your client a different view of their world

Writing and doodling

Discover what writing and doodling offer clients to help them explore and express their own myths and dreams

Looking beyond ourselves

The more we connect to the essence of who we are, the easier it is to integrate our experiences and translate them into deeply rewarding connectedness to everything

The Rhythm of Life

When we hear our favourite piece of music it touches our soul and lightens our life. What messages have you still to hear that will enhance your, and your clients rhythm of life?

Coaching with creativity

"I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking"

Albert Einstein



Trio of Workshops

10.00am – 4.00pm 

28th February 2020

27th March 2020

24th April 2020

Pick&Mix Workshops

Themes of Exploring Boundaries and Intuition

Next one: 

7th February 2020

10.30am – 3.30pm 



Our venue is the Wokingham Waterside Centre, which is actually at the entrance to Thames Valley Park at the end of the A329 and very easy to get to. It also has its own free car park. 

Wokingham Waterside Centre

Thames Valley Park Drive, Reading,


CPD Hours 

CPD Certificate of Attendance for each day

21 hour CPD Certificate in Creative Coaching if attend all 3 workshops


Trio of workshops 

We’ve designed these 3 workshops to build on one another to explore your relationship with yourself, other people and how you show up in the world, creating a library of creative tools for you.


These tools and techniques can be used time and again for your own on-going development, or in a professional capacity as a coach, counsellor or therapist with your clients. 


We recommend you attend all 3 workshop to gain the maximum benefit and a full suite of tools, but you are also welcome to attend individual workshops.



What's in a name?

Pick a card, any card

Communing with nature

One two BUTTON my shoe



Postcard from where?

Boys and girls come out to play

Telling tales

Mirror images



Angels and demons







These workshops are held periodically throughout the year and are designed to provide further opportunities to explore creativity as a means of personal and professional development.


Priority booking will be given to people who have already been on one or more of our Trio of workshops and themes are based on feedback from our community about what they would like to explore. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Boundaries and Intuition Workshop 

7th February 2020


We all need healthy relationships in our lives. But sometimes our desire for closeness, love and  affirmation, amongst other things, overrides the boundaries that serve us best. So let's explore our emotional and physical boundaries, or lack of them, and learn how to establish or re-establish them so that we can feel safe and secure in our relationships and bring our needs and our boundaries back into balance.

Do you know where your boundaries are?
Do you have an appropriate wall and gate that is under your conscious control?
Or are you left wide open?
Can you step through your boundary when you choose to?
Can you stop others invading your boundary?

We all have intuition - the ability to understand something as a result of a feeling, a 'knowing', a gut reaction. But our intuition is often competing with other voices of pressure, self-doubt, logic, time, blame or even judgement.  By bringing it to our conscious mind on a more regular basis we are able to access this deeper layer of knowledge, wisdom and insight to create greater harmony in our lives. So, let's raise our awareness of our intuition so we can notice and listen to it more. 

Do you listen to your 'gut'?
What do you do when you 'feel' things aren't going right?
Do you trust yourself to act when you have a flash of inspiration?
Do you follow your hunches?


"Such a positive and inspiring session! An unusual experience but very enlightening."

 "It was fabulous, such fun and I absolutely loved it. I highly recommend it!  I’ve used some of the approaches already and they work wonderfully well." 

" I have picked up some excellent ideas on how to introduce creativity into my coaching and facilitation" 

"I found these workshops energising and re-affirming of who I am, both in my professional and personal identity"

About Christina & Lindsey

Christina Bachini

 I have been working as a team facilitator, consultant and executive development coach for over 35 years. I trained as a humanistic psychologist and counsellor in the early 1980′s and then went on to develop skills as an NLP Trainer, hypnotherapist and Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling Practitioner. I'm also an  individual and group coach Supervisor.

I bring a background in understanding the deep structure of what is happening for people and I work to raise awareness to what is happening at a unconscious level.

Lindsey Wheeler

After a successful career in the Tech sector in sales & marketing I found myself leading EMEA organisational development & training. It was through this that I finally found my real calling, to help people live the life they want and qualified as an NLP coach. My approach is to help clients find clarity, focus and momentum using all, and any, tools or models at my disposal to help them get there. 




Please feel free to contact us by phone or email. 

Christina Bachini 

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Lindsey Wheeler

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